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Figurehead Jesus

Jesus as a bearer of a good idea, that is what the Watchtower wants to turn the successor of the "company of God". Just like in a business group or another company, where an unloved person is carried away from the place that he owns in fact, the Watchtower Society equips Jesus with a very good job. Jesus is overwhelmed with very many honors, so that the reader does not learn that one has actually deprived him of his position. Instead of the chief place Jesus lands on the job as head of the department for public relations.

Figurehead Jesus

A harder evidence for the Jesus' dethronement could not be given than this beautiful headline of the article in The Watchtower of 1/12/2008 (on page 4). The degradation of the heritage of God into an ideology is the core philosophy of the Watchtower and its goal is to build a New World under the direction of the faithful and discreet slave, like Judas Iscariot, it already had in his mind. For this planning Jesus has only to be a figurehead, which is delivered freely to the interpretations of the Governing Body.

With this shift in roles, the wanted aim of the WTS is to clear the bombshell to the Jehovah's Witnesses that a personal contact between them and Jesus is avoided. The frequent presentation of this degraded Jesus tells them emphatically that Jesus can never be God, and while He is normalized so hard that the Jehovah's Witness accepts in the deepest core of his heart that Jesus must be only a man. Thus the saving work of Jesus is turned off successfully for the Jehovah's Witnesses and Satan has firmly sealed in another drawer people who can never learn become acquainted with Jesus in their life.

Oh, how good and desirable!

Of course Jesus must be fitted within this tactic of His dethronement with everything worthwhile that we can make up out of thin air. This is again another reason for leading people in mind more frequently Jesus as a person with human attributes. The normalization of Jesus takes its course.

(Figure from the same Watchtower, page 5)
Jesus as a leading figure

The brazen manipulation of the Watchtower Society in the imagination of Jesus, which the Jehovah's Witnesses have, leads to the conclusion that they can never again engage in the idea that Jesus is the son of the father and so the Almighty God himself. But the Bible itself proves that the legacy of the father is actually the almighty God.

But the Bible says that the lamb is the Almighty God

Word-for-word reproduction: The Lamb the up midst of the throne ...

In Revelation 7, 17 the Lamb is on the highest point of the throne of God and leads His people to sources of life. This passage alone already says that Jesus is the Almighty God who cannot serve as a figurehead, but as the true shepherd, whom the man can and should trust completely. The vision of the Jehovah's Witnesses using Jesus as a figurehead, is only an attempt to undermine God's plan of salvation and an attempt to make the salvation invalid for the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses are set to be reassured that they must apply to the replacement of God, Jehovah, thats mention in the writings of the Watchtower Society again and over again requires that "Jehovah" the attribute "God" is added. The Watchtower must therefore always append that Jehovah the specific definition of "God" so that people can really catch on, what is meant. This is something like this when I wanted to go shopping with my Cadillac and say about it in the statement: I'm going shopping with my Cadillac car. What a nonsense! Didn't I admit that I cannot look at Cadillac as a real car?

Every single person who falls victim to the Watch Tower Society, is lost and separated finally from the very chance to live in Jesus.


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