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The Faithful and Discreet Slave

On behalf of the Lord Jesus?

Many charlatans are acting on the earth in the order of the Lord Jesus. At least they say that and only pursue their own goals and control other people and seduce them to the wrong thing to believe. One of the boldest liar is the Watch Tower Society. It is one of the most daring actions of Satan. With it Satan particularly catches the most pious and the most righteous. With the Watch Tower Society Satan demonstrates in the world and in front of God how easily the people can be distracted from Jesus.

For the rapid wage by self-fornication by own good deeds the Jehovah's Witnesses forsake the rescue by the grace of Christ. They believe in a Master who claims to execute the will of Christ, but also prohibits the conversation with Jesus. The Watchtower Society says it was the organ that executes the will of Jesus. But they all deny the conversation with him. They can not pray to him.

Faithful and discreet slave without Jesus

Faithful and discreet slave without Jesus

This Satan has well threaded

While Jesus invites people directly and quite frankly, to come to him, Satan gives the people in the Watch Tower Society the runaround and makes them credible, that they should stay away from him. While Jesus all, who are weary and burdened, asks to come to him, Satan sends them away with the reason that Jesus was not God. Therefore, one should not pray to him.

But that following the direct instruction of Jesus to go to him when you are weary and burdened, is one of the easiest instructions that Jesus gave us. To obey this command of Jesus, can not be wrong if one believes that the Bible says the truth. Nevertheless, Satan manages just to tempt the most pious among the people to see in the contact to Jesus a sin. This is one of the biggest crimes that Satan accomplished. He entraps the people in their primordial piety and prevents the simple contact between these people and the Savior.

Never anyone else has managed to arouse the impression of being the administrator of Jesus, while demonizing categorically the contact with him to sin. He succeeded with the Watch Tower Society. It has become the bearer of the lie of Satan. It embodies one of the greatest triumphs that Satan could celebrate in the world.

Who Jesus actually is, can not be interpreted out of the Bible. If that were possible, more people would be under his light. Who Jesus actually is that can only be tested in practice. This question is not even in the foreground. But the connection to Jesus himself is the factor that is determining everything. Those who follow the simplest instructions of Jesus in childlike faith, are introduced by himself into the truth.

But Satan has actually managed drumming into religious Jehovah's Witnesses, that they ought not have a personal relation to Jesus. He turns the meaning of the Bible into its opposite and uses the since ancient times existing human will to Pharisaism. The nature of man is vulnerable, where it doesn't overlook something. Where Jesus is to have the rule, without showing the ID card beforehand, people start to retire. They reduce their motivation to the performing of individual good deeds and try to provide guidance in speakers of human views. In the Watch Tower Society.

But the simple and clear instructions of Jesus they avoid and are happy to get not involved. They leave up the evaluation of what it has to be with Jesus, rather the "experts" from Pennsylvania. That Jesus is to be only a kind of henchman of God, they like to accept and so they have queued themselves into the ranks of all other religions, that see in Jesus only a lower instrument.

They have again found their own way, passing God and Jesus. The simple effective offer of Jesus has not any value in their eyes. They like to listen to American religion manufacturers, who have fun with it, to draw Jesus into the dirt by keeping people away from him. They prefer to do their Kingdom job and think in this way to have something in the hand against God's verdict.

But that God wants to save through Jesus, without preconditions, that is suspicious to them. That does not fit into the conventional justice thinking of people. Therefore, they rather invite mad teachers of false theories, because these theories are so wonderfully familiar and relative to our old nature. Here Jesus has no place. The willing of God passes these people, like it was repeatedly shown in the Old Testament.

Instead of relying on the power and the decision of God, Jehovah's Witnesses claim the archetypal human and by God rejected thinking, which is working with mental and physical effort to secure a place in the Kingdom of Jehovah. This they do instead of assuming the on faith depending salvation in Jesus, for that is uncertain and not controlled by themselves. On that indeed nobody can pride oneself. On that you can not build something in humanly discretion.

But the rock on which one can build his house, is Jesus alone!

While Satan in the Watchtower teaching deceives the people that we can work up to Jehovah, people who believe in Jesus deny this possibility. They accept that Jesus is holding all the power in his hands and that they themselves can not add something to their rescue. This seemingly windy situation of those who believe in Jesus, is the rocky ground on which one can build his house of life. For it is not based on human logic and necessity, which are reflected in all religions. You don't have to satisfy any conditions or transactions, but only need to trust in Jesus.

But this trust in Jesus seems to be difficult for the worldly people. This confidence in the power of the Son of God is apparently not a thing for everyone. The Jehovah's Witnesses don't find this trust, but they prefer to trust in those who try to decipher the Bible by human methods.

With the Watch Tower Society Satan has created a tool to keep people further away from Jesus. His main argument is the argument of Islam: God is one.


This article is unfounded and senseless in it's entirety. This is is the trouble with the internet. Unvalidated experts spreading dangerous misinformation to an unversed populace. There are firewalls for viruses.. but none for pompous idiots that speak loudest in this world.

John Smith [2012-01-19]
Granted that you convince some readers that the above information is incorrect, and then drag them into your religion. Do you think your interested won't realize sooner or later, that the Watchtower realitiy is exactly as described above? I can go even further! People! Test the doctrine of the Watchtower Society. You'll notice that the article is true.

Ruediger [2012-01-19]
If a certain belief or religious following makes a person more content in life , then I applaud it and am happy for the ones affected in a positive way. When death comes for all the real truth will be told. Only then.

A.J. [2012-04-25]
Jehovah's Witnesses are accustomed to the lies. They lie, while others are present and watching. The real truth has already been told, and indeed from that man who is the real truth. Jesus Christ. Each person can learn the truth when he only asks Jesus. Now in life. [RH]
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