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Demonic Tactics of the Watchtower Society

The following fact is known by all Christians, and they can not hesitate to testify: Anyone who has contact with Jesus, has nothing to fear from demons. Jesus frees from the dark powers and his disciples remain completely undisturbed by demonic harassment. Christians are often at the front line and fight against negative spiritual forces. This struggle doesn't manifest itself in such a way that in occult confrontation demonical possession or demonic manifestations were to be tolerated. Also, it can't happen to anyone who stands under the protection of Jesus, that he is influenced in a demonic way or that he can be possessed by demons. Jesus is Lord and gives us his indomitable protection against demons.

This is different to the Jehovah's Witnesses

For the Watchtower Society, whose connection goes only to that unknown Jehovah, the situation is the antipodal way. The WTS writes:

Wrestling Against Wicked Spirit Forces
MANY people scoff at the idea that there are wicked spirits. But it is no laughing matter. Whether people believe it or not, wicked spirits do exist, and they try to exert pressure on everyone. Worshipers of Jehovah are not exempt. In fact, they are the primary target. (Worship the Only True God, Page 70)

With this statement, the Watchtower Society is absolutely right, because they do not confront the contact with Jesus, and prefer to rely instead on a Jehovah, whose name does not appear in the originals and also gives no protection against demons. (The word Jehovah arose by chance from the mixing of YHWH and Adonai, which was meant as a reading aloud brake, so the reader in the synagogue did not pronounce the name of God. From this stopgap Catholic monks tinkered in the early Middle Ages the invented name of God, Jehovah). Who this Jehovah really most likely is, can be very clearly seen at the repeated representations of demons reflected in the Watchtower scriptures, some of which are annexed further below.

That this antigod Jehovah according to his nature is surrounded by demons, causes that the Jehovah's worshipers are not only not protected from demons, but: "In fact, they are the primary target" of the demons.

Watchtower Society as an Agent of Truth

The statement that the worshipers of Jehovah are committed in a special way to demon infestation, is true. It is a clear truth, which is coinciding with the representations of all the demons in the WTS writings. The slave from Brooklyn is telling in this case the whole truth and gives the impression in appearance as the channel of god, as though all the good people (Jehovah's Witnesses) are attacked by demons. But that Jehovah is not God, that is concealing the honorable company and is lying in this way, even if it once is telling the truth.

Watchtower demonic Infiltration

The faithful and discreet slave confronts his large crowd controled and well planned with demons of all kinds. Even children's books of the Jehovah's Witnesses have many examples of this demonic infiltration. A striking example for the destruction of the psyche of the Jehovah's Witnesses is e.g. the following picture:

Listening to the Great Teacher, Page 28
Skull in the burning bush

For the children of Jehovah's Witnesses: Burning Bush

Demons representations in Watchtower writings are not a mere coincidence, but targeted Jehovah program. Just biblical scenes are highly exposed in this way, divulged to tragic farce, Jews are so brutally defamed (anti-Semitism) and the especially depicted Jehovah's Witnesses are often characterized by demons attack as victims of the Watchtower seduction. Jehovah's Witnesses are in fact in addition to their actor-being above all things also sacrifices, and as such they have to sustain the mockery of the Watchtower Society and "study" it in the end.

Example: A striking demon in the Book
»"Bearing Thorough Witness" About God’s Kingdom«

Right on the cover is a very striking demon, the very self can not be recognized by Jehovah's Witnesses as a demon. And even if a Jehovah's Witness once encounters such a demon, he will keep quiet, because the deadly grip of the Watchtower Society makes sure that he is silent and still acceding.

"Bearing Thorough Witness" About God’s Kingdom, cover
Bearing Thorough Witness About God’s Kingdom

We see in the right half of the cover the typical evil Jew, as seen by the Watchtower Society and like the Nazis could not constitute "more beautifully".

The Jew, as the Watchtower is fond of representing

The demon looks out the left side of the face of the evil Jew.

Jew with a demon

Presumably, this book is mostly shut somewhere in the house of Jehovah's Witnesses, it is striking that demons do appear in the book itself only very rarely, but on the cover very frequently and, moreover, very clear. The same picture in the book comes out again. Here, this demonic double face does not exist, which proves very conclusively that the demonization of the Jehovah's Witnesses is no coincidence.

"Bearing Thorough Witness" About God’s Kingdom, Page 36
Evil Jew without demon

The comparison of these two images demonstrates absolutely clearly that the Watchtower Society deliberately manipulates the images and equips them with demons. Thus, all theories fall, which talk of accident or ineptitude. Brazenness in fraud is the obvious tools of the Watchtower theologians and Jehovah propagandists. Jehovah's Witnesses are made to victims first and then re-educated to blind perpetrators. The lie can in this way "make the truth" and the Jehovah's Witnesses like to ask each other in exhortation: Are you still in the truth?

Anyone who has previously been thought that the Jehovah's Witnesses were just a particularly strict version of Christianity, needs to rethink. The Watchtower Society is the dedicated religious impostor who only has one thing in mind: Execute the order to separate as many people as possible from Jesus, to alienate them for life and to subject them to demons, which bring them at the end to the court that the devil himself so fervently wishes for the people. The Watchtower Society is an organization of human destruction, a plaintiff, judge and executioner in one person. It is the most pious church that Satan has ever devised.

For Christians it is not appropriate to ignore the Watchtower Society. It is doing its bad work, while we celebrate our religious services, while we pray to God, and while we think about it, how we can best help our neighbor. Christians! Don't turn your attention from this organization of evil. Peer it, inform yourself about it and pray for the Jehovah's Witnesses!


He is also holding his hand in the "claw" position...check computer images of demonic leaders.

marcushoover [2011-02-10]
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