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Cured by "a Very Old Book"

Awake in December 2008, Backside: Cured by "a Very Old Book" - One of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brazil, South America, was calling on people at their homes when she met a lady who told her that her mother-in-law had been cured by a book. ... My Book of Bible Stories ... that her mother-in-law had suffered from depression and had been so afraid of death and of being in the dark that she wouldn’t leave her bed. The lady’s son ... began to read it to his grandmother. The grandmother became so encouraged and built up by what her grandson read that she was freed from her problem. ...

This book advertising is decorated with an image of a five years old boy, who reads to the grandma.

Watchtower book heals the sick

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

do not be ringing your ears, Jehovah's Witnesses? Don't you get sickness at this Catholic blasphemy? Do you believe now that demonic scriptures can heal? Is it to you no matter who acts, the main thing, it works? Don't you see that the Watchtower Society is the appendix of the Catholic Church? Do you begin now even relic-worship? Are you sure that just your literature full of demons is performing miracles? Didn't be you those who postulated for the true worship? Didn't you want to be an opposition of false worship? And now you think WTS books could result in miracles?


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