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Commemoration for the greatest man
who ever lived

Human glory is the last thing Jesus wants. The commemorations of the Jehovah's Witnesses drag Jesus consistently down on a purely human level. His salvation is for the Jehovah's Witnesses only a kind of mechanism, one has to appreciate.

In the prayers that were spoken, in the speeches that were held, appeared sentences as the following:

"Jesus is and remains the greatest man who ever lived."

Jesus appears to the Jehovah's Witnesses as a kind of a serving idol. He himself does not eradiate any power. This means that even those who believe in him, cannot expect anything from him. He is for the Watchtower Society nothing more than only a stimulus to exert more in the struggle for the Kingdom of Jehovah.

So one man prayed: " ... that we follow the pattern of your Son, do our utmost to please you [Jehovah]."

It is no longer about Jesus and least of all the glorification of his person. Jesus is only a sample, a figure, a mechanism.

After the disciples of Jesus in the world do know that all power is handed over to Jesus and that he by his death on the cross has caused forever, that we are acceptable for God, if we accept the belief in Jesus, the Jehovah's Witnesses insist still on a kind of development battle in which Jesus is not the goal, but only the model. It was also sung in a song, Jesus would have given willingly the ideal.

In the case of the Jehovah's Witnesses there is no salvation in Jesus. They must add to his work their never-ending efforts, to turn it into something that is perhaps acceptable to Jehovah at the end. The fact that the conciliation between man and God is finished long time ago, does not fit into the theory of the Watch Tower Society. Because then there are no more people who in their longing for probation can be clamped before the cart of the Watch Tower Society.

Therefore, a Jesus who has created with his actions the perfect solution, is not suited for the social revolution which is sought by the Watch Tower Society. This Jesus who answeres the childlike faith, "Yes, be my Lord" of the people with certainty of faith, forgiving of sin and a nameless luck, this Jesus would only liberate these people from the shackles of the Watch Tower Society. For, who has Jesus, the Watchtower Society does not need, and no Catholic Church.

Any organization that wants to manage the salvation for the people, must necessarily sin against Jesus and impute to him purely human qualities or ask a woman to his side, which probably has more power than he.

To underpin the weakness and the ineffectiveness of Jesus the Jehovah's Witnesses give wildly varying, in each case taken out of context Bible passages. Thus the Bibles and the concentration of people are tasked very seriously. Regularly happens a noise that sounds like 50 doner kebabs wrapped in aluminum foil. But this is only a number of humans who turn the Bibles with a determined zeal to follow the lecturer.

With each written propaganda of the Watch Tower Society, the assertion is sown, Jesus was only a historic event, which certainly has its value (esteeming), but can not save the people. He is only a prerequisite for the personal efforts of the witnesses to succeed at all. He is a mechanism that is built into the doctrine, but by far not sufficient for the salvation and healing of people. His work is only the entrance door to the despairing hunt of the Jehovah's Witnesses for a Kingdom of personal improvement from the own power.

By this the belief itself that God has determined to save (1 Corinthians 1:00, 19-31), is effectively degraded and reduced to a sub-category for the own becoming a good man. This transition from a rescue that doesn't need no further ingredients, to a mechanism that is acting only as a life saving appliance, is the revolution of the work of Jesus in an imperfect, half ineffective basis for action that doesn't satisfy the aspiration of people for salvation, but only is a condition for it. So the act of Jesus is degenerated to a new action law. Therefore, Jesus must be a standard. Not more.

Satan will use every instrument to reduce the completely redeeming effect of Jesus to something, which does not disturb him. But the liberation that Jesus has done, is more than a function, more than a formula, more than a platform or base, or role model or new law. Jesus has washed us clean in the eyes of God, for all time and made us perfect. The only condition to this fundamental change is the acceptance of his commitment that he is the way to the Father.

If once the people will stand before God, they will have a lawyer who gets up at every allegation that is done to them at all, and claims that he was already sentenced and punished. Only at the argument of the prosecutor, the man did not believe in the redemptive work of Jesus, Jesus will have to keep silent. For it is determined by God that this is sin that can not be forgiven. For it is the embodiment of the human will for self-redemption. But because without the power of God no one can suffice, he has decided to save those who accept his strength in faith. - Does not sound illogical. Sounds even impressively simple and ingenious. How should the sinful man come to God, if not by the power of God?

In the Watch Tower Society this deal is rotten. It is too cheap for the Jehovah's Witnesses. They don't trust and seek the realization of the tale of the improvement of the people on their own. This makes them dependent on the confidence in themselves. The fact that they just leave Jesus still considered as an ideal, can cover the sliding into fantasy of the Jehovah's Witnesses, perhaps even up to the navel. But they stand naked before the eyes of the world, with half-pants, because they did not change into the new man, Jesus gives us.

They can not know this new man. They can not receive him. You have no alliance with Jesus, because they do not even speak with him.

Thus the Lord's Supper, which they hold once a year, becomes the exact opposite of what Jesus wanted. They hand the bread and the wine through the ranks and don't take any of it. They let pass the bread and the goblet. They celebrate the anti-sacrament.

I did experience that. Bread and wine arrive again at the table intact and untouched. What a signal to open call out to Jesus: We have nothing to do with you!


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