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Believing in Jesus - even Charles Taze Russell

Having at various times during past years donated to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY all of my personal possessions except a small personal bank account of approximately two hundred dollars, in the Exchange National Bank of Pittsburgh, which will properly be paid over to my wife if she survives me, I have merely love and Christian good wishes to leave to all of the dear members of the Bible House Family-and all other dear colaborers in the Harvest work-yea, for all of the household of faith in every place who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer.
The first sentence of the Testament of Charles Taze Russell (published in German in the Watchtower of February 1917)

Elberfeld Bible Charles Taze Russell apparently must have believed in Jesus and known that salvation depends on a personal relationship to the Lord Jesus. In the introductory paragraph of his will shows up on the idea that identifies the core of the Bible:

"... who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer".

This clearly shows that up to the death of this man the community of Jehovah's Witnesses, at least to a large part must have been still standing in connection with Jesus and that they were completely separated from the Spirit of Christ only through the machinations of his successor, Rutherford.

Today's Watch Tower Society is shaped like this, to condemn the invocation of Jesus as Savior, by asserting that it was blasphemy. Precisely because of this accusation of blasphemy, Jesus was accused by Jewish law and was crucified. By the Watch Tower Society sets today, Jesus ought not to be worshiped, because he was "only" God's son, they crucify him again. With every person whom seduces this seduced organization to their false belief they crucify Jesus again.

In the inner structure of the Watch Tower Society must in the days of that Rutherford have been happened a nature changing, that repudiated Jesus out of the center and sat the Watchtower Society on his place. In a different way it is not to explain that Russell still could write freely: "... who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer", but now haunts this idea as a big taboo in the Watch Tower Society.

The large loss of power of Jesus, such as made by Islam and how it is also partly concealed, partly driven openly in the Catholic church, found space in a community of serious Bible researchers on the way to a mighty salvation organization, which described itself as the salvation manager and assesses itself as the curative donor. Rutherford was in the process apparently the agent of Satan. He is responsible as an active shaper of the organization, for the separation of Jesus Christ as Savior.

Whether we study the Bible with great effort or whether we read it only in childlike faith, it falls to us, that except Jesus is not a mediator between God and man. But the Watchtower Society brings up itself to place one more instance between Jesus and the people. If that was possible so easily, the Bible words had to lose their full value. For between man and God, the two opposite poles of the biblical world view, they do not let space for anybody except Jesus for something that could mediate.

So the Watchtower Society masquerades as "the faithful and discreet slave" and deliberately omits to mention its rule function. For it is only a mistress, who dressed in the crimson red of its sin patronizes and reprimands its seduces. It restricts as a moral authority, gathered from human mind, deep into the lives of their seduced and suggests them and other people, following up the Watch Tower Society was the key to the Kingdom of Jehovah. It is going ahead quite unspiritually and tries to rhyme together the Bible by human thought.

That the separation of the spirit of Christ, which Rutherford has taken until now to continue in the Watch Tower Society feels every faithful Christian who is approaching from whatever reason, the assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses. There driven studies are reminiscent of exercises with caught, hung on twine birds that are to learn flying by being jerked around.

How should that be otherwise? They do not convene in the name of Jesus and so they can not find his presence. But instead of exposing the hard-boiled brainwashing in the Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses as the effect of Satan, the Jehovah's Witnesses succumb to this merciless period teaching of their mistress Watch Tower Society. Any individual who would dare to worship Jesus, would immediately recognize that Satan is governing in the Watch Tower Society personally. Therefore, it is among the Jehovah's Witnesses the worst sin, to allow Jesus any access to their own hearts. This direct contact with Jesus would have explosive consequences. The Watch Tower Society is like a powder keg that threatens to explode at the slightest spark of the spirit of Christ.

But for the therein being sake the Lord is delaying his work. He does not want to destroy and definitively reject mankind. He longs for them and gives them every chance in his infinite patience to recognize that only he counts as the redeeming factor. About this the opening sentence of the will of Mr. Charles Taze Russell bears witness. One of them was among them as a disciple of Jesus, and left them as a disciple of Jesus.

In the Watch Tower Society, meanwhile, is raging the burning hatred of Satan. He feeds in it, to turn so many people, especially the right faith-seeking people away from Jesus. He grabs them at their old skin and tries to make them clear that one only had to draw this old skin just really tight, so that it was not displeasing in the eyes of God. But this theory is cleaned up thoroughly by Jesus and Paul writes: Dress the new man, given to us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jesus has beaten Satan and his accusations for all times and has carried all penalty. He died for us all deaths, that could appertain to us. He has broken the power of Satan one for all. No one more needs to be afraid of Satan, if he comes under the lordship of Jesus. But in the Watch Tower Society, there is Satan the Lord and has power over the people. It is currently only the power of self-deception, the complacency and haughtiness of knowing better. But this power of Satan will turn in its fully exposed manner against the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves.

When they will recognize, that before God actually nothing counts except the salvation in Jesus, they will have to detect the futility of their good deeds and sacrifices to see not only as confused and meaningless, but they will have to be ashamed of their own futile efforts to complete the work of Christ.

They will have to recognize that the from God separated man, not calling Jesus as the savior, is not able to do good works, but only to the own good form. Good they aren't in God's eyes none the less. But they stink to the heavens in their self-praise. Only the on the faith in Jesus dependent person who has the connection to Jesus by calling him as a savior, can do good works through Jesus. Only Jesus can cause that the deeds of a man are good.

At the latest Rutherford broke with Jesus. He has opened the door Satan. And Satan is using since then the diligent Bible interpreters and puts them into the mind, what is making Jesus ineffective. Giving rise to any theological parallels to Islam, doesn't wonder the Jehovah's Witnesses. For they don't have a Christian heart since Rutherford.


Pastor Russell did in fact teach salvation is through the ransom sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. He taught that God was manifest in the flesh was a true analogy. That both the 144,000 and the great multitude were before the throne in heaven. That Jehovah God is love and that those not having heard of or because of some reason known only to God are not able to accept Christ (because of a mental malady or circumstances etc) would be given the chance to learn in the ressurection. He did not found the Jehovah's witness organisation. That was Rutherford. Pastor Russell taught that we should go by no other name than Christian.

Yours in Christ,

phil [2013-05-26]
Are you trying to take Russell in protection? Russell was a Freemason and described Jesus as the greatest Freemason. Russell tried to apply the dimensions of a pyramid on the Bible. Russell could not control himself and touched many women physically, so that his wife divorced him. Russell, he did not matter who Jesus is. His own thoughts were Russell's real God. Rutherford only continued the anti-Christian character of Russell. [RH]
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