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The Channel of God

Any reasonably experienced Christian knows that a hasty, unilateral, with self-motivation mixed acceptance of a decision or position may grieve the Holy Spirit. Also if we can always count on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God nevertheless suffers, if we make unconventional and hasty assumptions and decisions and do not wait for God's leadership.

The Watch Tower Society claims to be the channel of God and prohibits so on a large scale that people can be guided directly by the Holy Spirit. This claim to the leadership of the base members of the WTS is to be equated with the profane title of the Pope as Pontifex Maximus (Latin for "supreme bridge-builder") and his claim to absoluteness in the matter of leadership.

While the Catholic version of supremacy over the people was still at least rudimentary anxious to spread a certain flair of infallibility around itself, the Watch Tower Society waives, although unintentionally, but consistently the semblance of truth. It stumbles like a blind from one false fiction to the next false fiction and thus broadens the in the basis required fundamental desire for uncritical inclusion of any by the WTS published thesis.

The endless expansion of both, the mistakes of the WTS and the will of the Jehovah's Witnesses, to swallow all of this without any examination, has led the teachings of the Watchtower Society to be a no longer to survey mixture of right, half-right and wrong things. As a special joke appears in this context the claim of not wanting to have anything in common with the cruel world. Because the Watchtower Society is bathing straightforward in a fetid cesspool of lie and is a bad example of a changeling for the world. In addition, the WTS shows the world how to practice absolute control.

The WTS as the "channel of God" takes up massively in the life of some million people and affects their thinking and action intensively. This influence is openly contrary to the purpose, they wouldn't have to do anything with political matters as a member of the Watch Tower Society. Each target from the infiltration machine WTS must logically relate to the nations and draw implications of political and social nature. Thus, the WTS leads itself in carrying out their own interests, ad absurdum.

The WTS as the "channel of God" would have - if it really would be this channel - the responsibility not to harm the "good name" of God before men. But that is not listed on the map of the WTS, whose writers very probably at times must burst into laughter about the unsophistication of their believers. With great composure once this, then that is claimed.

But on a certain central context they insist, as if it would be their holy of holies: Jesus may not be God and Jesus is only part-condition for the rescue and Jesus is very far away and Jesus is not so important.

This core message of the Watchtower Society in connection with it's claim to be as the channel of God the way to the Father, denudes the WTS as a tool in the hand of Satan who wants to make fading the final redemption of people in Jesus Christ. Nothing is dearer to him than an indifferent man who is thinking about his good looking, but not about the contents that are drummed into him from above. Nothing Satan likes more than a mindless band of followers, who are regularly held in mood with religiously styled semi-comics. The devil himself falls into a wide grin, when a on the Bible being based leadership elite world-widely disgraces the name of Jesus and present him as secondary functionality.

For thus Satan thinks, he had put one foot in the door and can win over sooner or later the whole of humanity.

But God himself has decided that salvation is through Jesus alone and that in it no other additional or modified ever is allowed to play a role. His decision positions Jesus at the center of all matters between God and men. Jesus is the cornerstone and will remain the headstone forever. This cornerstone, Jesus can not be replaced or pushed aside by a human organization.

The Watch Tower Society is cheating the people with the objective of the kingdom of God involved in this world. While Jesus is speaking of his kingdom not being of this world, the WTS suggests consistently and insistently, the Kingdom of Jehovah happened under (then complete) terrestrial conditions and under the sovereign leadership of the Watch Tower Society itself. This seduction to no longer taking seriously Jesus' words, after all, is so perfect and successful that about six million people worldwide are trapped in it, and inevitably have to pass Jesus.

The Jehovah's Witnesses look at the representations of an always well dressed and manicured Jesus and forget that Jesus has never paid attention to external things, but underscored the intrinsic value - th faith. Jehovah's Witnesses follow the wrong track. But also for them it is very easy to recognize Jesus and his true meaning. They only have to ask him to open their eyes. But they do not trust in the comforter, but follow the most fleshly of all organizations. The WTS.


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