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Central Bible passages concealed

How the Watchtower keeps the Jehovah's Witnesses stupid in the long run.

Jehovah's Witnesses react with indignation and righteous anger, if they come across the idea that Jesus saves people by pure grace. They raise their voice or suddenly write in capital letters everything (means shouting on the internet) in order to stress the Watchtower’s basic assumption that one can only reach the Kingdom of Jehovah by searching for the truth.

As in a blind rage, they throw Bible passages around themselves and you can feel their neck stiffen and their heart turn to stone. At this point, any discussion is categorically interrupted and the witness stands with all his power against those who claim that Jesus saves without precondition and only through faith in Him.

How does the Watchtower program these people this way?

The assurance that the Jehovah's Witnesses only read and absorb into the brain and heart, that which fits the Watchtower doctrine is founded on the principle that only those who completely remixed the Bible can bring forth the truth. But please note that they are guided by the new idea of the "Governing Body". Thus, perfectly understandable and clear Bible passages in the eyes of the Jehovah's Witnesses are nothing. They are without any meaning for the witnesses.

Example: "I am in their midst"

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus promises us: "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

Here Jesus says about himself that he can simultaneously be in different places. Just as the omnipotence, the omnipresence is an absolute attribute of God. Since there is no angel, who has that ability to be omnipresent, Jesus says by this promise that He is God. This simple conclusion is so dangerous and deadly for the doctrine of the Watchtower that the Watchtower Society actually has managed to deny this passage to the cluttered mind of the Jehovah's Witness.

The otherwise experienced and trained Jehovah's Witnesses do not know this key word of Jesus. Even their technical resources (Bible Dictionary on CD) seem not to help Jehovah's Witnesses further at this point. They are completely surprised when they hear about this passage.

But even if they read this passage, under guidance, and even when they see this passage in black and white, they try to save themselves by stating that "this passage needs to be read in context". They do not have the courage to recognize this direct word of God as truth. Inwardly they are convinced that they could be lied to by the Bible, if they were not waiting for the "new light" of the Watchtower Society.

In this way, their hearts are closed for the truth. Only the nested, human-scale seemingly intelligent-appearing statements of the Watchtower impress in these lost people a feeling of not being lied to.

This attitude toward the Bible is the opposite of faith. It is artificially produced in the Jehovah's Witnesses by the Watchtower Society and instilled in them artificially. The Jehovah's Witnesses cannot ascribe the Bible a value or real and direct meaning. Only the peculiar nesting of the Watchtower's doctrine is valid for them.

In this way the Watchtower Society has closed the eyes of these people forever. They read the Bible, but cannot understand with their own brain. They are specialists in page turning, but cannot grasp simple ideas with their hearts. This disempowerment that prevents the Jehovah's Witnesses from the simple belief entitles the public statement that the Watchtower Society is Antichrist.


Jehovah's witnesses believe what Isaiah wrote about "unto us a son is given ....wonderful counselor..... mighty god" is all about Jesus Christ. However lower rank than his father. as he said "neither the son knows nor the angels .....when the time comes? but only the Father in heaven knows.

azh [2010-01-25]
When Jesus was on earth, he was human. No hybrid, no alien, no half angel. He was a man. From this position, he said that he, the son, did not know the time, but only the Father. After Jesus had sacrificed himself for us as a man, he was glorified. Our human hierarchical thinking does not apply to heaven. In Revelation, there is a passage where the lamb is centered on top of the throne and leads us to living waters.

Das Lamm auf dem Thron

In Revelation 5, 13 and 14, the lamb is just worshipped like him who sits on the throne. All creatures worship. Jesus does not worship, but he is worshipped. Therefore, Jesus must be God, equal to the Father, for Jesus is the Creator.

Jesus says to us:

John 5, 23: ... that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father, who sent him.

The Bible is full of clear facts, which all show that Jesus is God. God has humbled himself in Jesus to save us.

Ruediger [2010-01-26]
This text was revised by Joe (jz5364). Thanks! [RH, 2011-12-04]

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