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The carnal efforts
of Jehovah's Witnesses

Yes, our mental faculties must play a key role in our worship.
Jehovah's Witnesses, go to the training!
... going to the self-rescue program!

To get into the higher rank of Jehovah's Witnesses, a man has to improve himself. He has to devote all his energy to meet demands, drawn up by the Watchtower Society. There ist no particular care if the Bible says that the people do not mind and will not be able to know God and that God then decided to save the people by believing in the nonsense of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Please read the first Epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 1!

Here is no twist and it's straight out that God has chosen once and for all, to save through faith, to destroy human knowledge, which is always turning away from him.

This scripture applies to the Jehovah's Witnesses nothing. It is worth nothing, because it undermines the power of human knowledge of the Watch Tower Society. This scripture, however, witnesses the whole humanity, that people who are leaving as the Jehovah's Witnesses on their own abilities go lost forever. They build on carnality, while God offers them constantly his spiritual strength. They reject God's offer and they feel joy when they can take to seduce other people to reject God's offer of salvation.

In addition they provide pictures on their website that broadcast the highest self-satisfaction to the people to suggest how gloriously you can be satisfied by your own mind. What's wrong with us because if we beyond our own understanding do not look for anything? - Nothing! We can rock so pleased with ourselves on our porch in a rocking chair and let God be a dear darling. We do have made our own God. Since then we do not have to hear to what has to tell us that an upstart like Jesus. That Jesus is concerning only men, because he can not be fit into our current thinking. - So, away with him! Let's make him to an angel with special functions.

The unconditional love of Jesus is for the Jehovah's Witnesses a thorn in their flesh. They can not stand it that Jesus has the power to save, heal, rejoice, make blessed by mere faith. They invent tons of colorful booklets with content that is intended to distract from Jesus, and they make mistakes on the word of God, by storytelling the exact opposite of it. - And they refer back to the Word of God over and over again.

This is an art mastered by only Satan: This artful twisting of the clear word that comes from God's mouth, to a pile of human opinions and instructions, which were then never in the Bible. They feel the lust of power, when they hold millions of Jehovah's Witnesses at bay and stop them to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. To copy being a Christian in a human high and very exhausting way to lead the Bible ad absurdum using human models of preaching and completion of hours.

Their goal is the destruction of the unmerited grace, which is receiving, who turns trustfully to Jesus Christ. They can like all the carnal people do nothing with undeserved grace and they can not understand God, that he dared to give mercy because of faith. This is hitting the roof for them!

Thus, God must remain as unknown address in the dark (for Jesus is only an angel), so he does not stand as a barricade in the way of the dazzling sophistication of the Watchtower Society. Jesus needs to get out of the center. And if God has placed him in the center a thousand times, he needs to get out. Otherwise, the Watchtower Society is not satisfied.

They show people on their website, who are blissfully thinking themselves safe in self-confidence and build on their own abilities. Spasmodic Bible spanning digressions are designed to make people forget about a single passage. And this passage is only the escalation of many biblical passages that address exactly the same point. It is the first chapter of the First Epistle to the Corinthians, where Paul demonstrates powerful that the human spirit - if professor or genius - can not have anything in common with God without the use of grace in the dutiful, living faith in Jesus Christ.

The intention of the Watchtower Society is appearing under the light of this passage as satanic.

Who does in so many decades and centuries busy with the Bible and until today does pass Jesus and still misses him and avoids him trying to rob him of his power, can have only one master. Satan himself. Satan is the one who has insinuate man from time immemorial: "I think you manage! I think you'll get out somehow. Do you really think that he will rescue you for nothing in a so simple way?"

The Watchtower Society represents the antipole of Jesus. Jesus' grace, which is alone accessible in faith, will count for nothing and is not enough. Rather, the man himself will take up the path and impress God with his human skills. This is the perfect imitation of the fall of man.

Against this background it is easy to understand that God has chosen to save only through faith. Because the adversary tries to seduce men right on the rail of complacency. This seduction is driven by the Watchtower Society successfully for decades.

Therefore, the Lord is seeking disciples who are concerned with this issue so that they can help save the lost from the Watchtower Society. It has come the time when Christians shoulder the love in faith for talking to the by the Watchtower Society seduced. Let make yourself interested and take this yoke upon you. The yoke of Jesus is gentle. His burden is light. And he will give you the strength and the serenity needed for it.

His love is far more than all human reason. If we rely on him, we will win victory after victory against the ravisher.

What a man!


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