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Broken Neck of Watchtower Theology

Genickbruch der Wachtturmtheologie

Worship is the highest form of honoring. Who someone worships, honors him in the highest manner. Jesus says that he should be honored as the father. This includes the worship is a mandatory. Jesus says: "... that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father." (John 5:23). It is also imperative to worship, or else Jesus would have had to exclude the worship. And Jesus says, even after the sentence: "He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father, who sent him." This word is breaking the neck of the Watchtower theology.

But the Jehovah's Witnesses pay no attention to the words of Jesus.

The Watchtower Society offers people with pride an all-around solution to all problems. The Jehovah's Witnesses are in their opinion, the only ones who really understood God. They have developed as the channel of God and as God's only visible organization on earth a system, how to decrypt the Bible and to interpret consistently.

Is the Watchtower system perfect?

Actually it is a worshipful thing to do with all good intentions in mind to decode the Bible. But has evolved from the Russell's company a machine that beats the world's people under the yoke of mental error. The Watchtower's system does not match the message of the Bible.

Even if you do not believe in God

The Jehovah's Witnesses have developed with their "Bible-understanding system" a theology of Jehovah, which forbids people to worship Jesus. The reasoning is: Jesus is only a sub-God, and it would be idolatry and polytheism, if we worship him. This is one of the key messages of the Jehovah's Witnesses, with which they of course must be very careful not to scare too much interested.

The broken Neck

There is a passage from the Bible, which contradicts the entire Watchtower theology at one stroke. Even if you do not believe in God, ask Jehovah's Witnesses, to read John 5.23. With this action, you do a good deed! Other arguments are not necessary and you do not need additional skills to help Jehovah's Witnesses! It is enough if you smile at the person in question kindly. Because you can be sure about it that you have done to this man probably the greatest service that could ever do to him in his life.

What does Jesus say in John 5, 23?

John 5, 23 contains the literal words of Jesus. This emphasizes the immediacy and scope of words.

John 5, 23: ... that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father, who sent him.

These few words of Jesus Christ refutes the entire Watchtower theology that says Jesus should not be worshiped. For the WT-specialty doctrine is centrally dependent the prohibition of worshipping Jesus Christ. With the statement of Jesus, who died on the cross for all of us, the whole Bible-understanding system of the Watchtower Society is refuted in one fell swoop. Because the Jehovah's Witnesses have masked the central point of Christianity with their efforts. They have missed the goal with their years of spiritual pursuit of the Watchtower special belief. They ultra-diametrically contrary to the words of Jesus, and they have left him.

Further Action Needed?

There are no further measures necessary to the Jehovah's Witnesses to pull the rug under the feet. You will find that the relevant witnesses will not be clear. The scope is too big! To handle that one was lied to by the Watchtower Society over years or even decades, the person needs a lot of time. Certainly he will find ways to ignore the word of Jesus. That cannot be changed, however. The responsibility then lies entirely with the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves.

But when it comes to the concerned person is a person close to you, you will think it again and again of course, argue with the clear words of Jesus. It can be said that the people worship the Father and the Son, like father honored (ie worshiped) must be, if you believe in the words of Jesus. But the Jehovah's Witnesses are absolutely closed to arguments. Even then, when the arguments come directly from Jesus.

Get clear, then, that an exemption cannot be enforced. Pray for the person. Certainly, attempts at conversation are not prohibited. But do note a reasonable level, because the frustration about a man who clearly apparent things will not admit, can have a terrible burden and drag down.


Apply wherever you meet Jehovah's Witnesses the words of Jesus. Ask them to read John 5, 23 loudly. You are doing the will of God.

Wichtig in dieser Sache:

John 12, 48: There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day.

John 9, 35 - 38: Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and when he found him, he said, Do you believe in the Son of Man? Who is he, sir? the man asked. Tell me so that I may believe in him. Jesus said, You have now seen him; in fact, he is the one speaking with you. Then the man said, Lord, I believe, and he worshipped him.

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Broken neck of Watchtower Theology

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They have their own "bible" the NWT that takes out the deity of Christ but not completely! John 20:28, john 12:37-41; verse 41 is referring to Isaiah 6. The scripture is filled with referrences to Jesus as Lord and God and Savior and for us to believe in Him etc... Debating with JWs usually end with them getting frustrated even making up scriptures. So try to talk to a student, one who is open to learn. The Holy Spirit reveals Himself to whom God calls. And always engage the talk with LOVE! Never think of it as an argument but a ministry.

mark walton [2013-07-03]
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