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Believing in Jesus

In the Watch Tower Society is maintained a kind of Bible reading that not only obscures the meaning of the word, bot also is twisting it, that abstruse ideas can seemingly be gleaned from the word of God. To substantiate biblically their findings the scriptures are criss-cross linked arbitrary.

As a counterexample here once a Bible text of the Publix-Bible will be presented to show how opens up the meaning of the word, especially in the uncouth youth language:

1st Corinthians 1, 17-31

17 I did not receive from Jesus Christ the order to baptize people. From me he would like first of all that I talk about the message that one can bring his life with God in order again. But not with super learned words, so that all have a huge respect for me, because not me matters, but Jesus.
18 I already realized that this news of the execution of a Jesus Christ on the cross must sound totally weak-minded for those, who are just not picking up it and go lost. For us who were saved by it, it has become a proof for God's total force.
19 God has already said earlier about this subject: "For me, I couldn't care less how intelligent one is, and even if someone thinks he has eaten the wisdom with spoons because I stand above this!"
20 What are the smart people, professors and philosophers to say about it? God has enabled them to look terribly old, their intelligence ultimately is bringing them nothing.
21 Although one can see everywhere, that God is in fact ingenious, they could not understand him with their brain. God has used a lesson, that all seems totally soft-headed, to save all of them if they would only believe in it.
22 The Jews are keen on miracles. The Greeks want an answer to all questions through philosophy.
23 We claim, however, simply that the Son of God, Christ, had to die for all the people! Whether this is now a blasphemy for the Jews or for the Greeks just a nonsense.
24 But for the people who were chosen by God, for these in the on the cross executed Jesus is the radical power of God and his wisdom on top.
25 What God has done here, tops the human imagination! What seems very weak of him, is in reality simply the Megablow.
26 Look at yourself at times, people! The fewest of you can refer to a good education or a bold career before they became Christians.
27 God is up for people who haven't from the perspective of non-Christians any particular position in the world. He wants to make people look old who think they were the intelligentsia in general. He has chosen the underdogs, to give the victors defeat.
28 He is up for that, for which the world is not up any more. The people who are looked down on by all, are important to him. He wants to turn upside down the structure of power.
29 No one more should be able to make because of his position in the world, before God the great sounding one.
30 God has established the possibility that you can live with Jesus. He has made from Jesus the smartest story at all! Through him, we are really free, through him we are okay for God withal our dirt, and through him we get on with God at all again.
31 In the old book is indeed written something about that. I quote: "Who wants to fancy on something, should be smug about what God has done!"

This decision of God, to make the salvation of people not depending on intelligence and good organization, but only on faith, refutes the basic intention of the Watch Tower Society at one stroke. During Paul here for all time is directing the attention to the impossibility, to cognize God by human intelligence, the Jehovah's Witnesses diligently build a thought structure, which forecasts to the Kingdom of Jehovah preferably under bypassing the person of Jesus. When they brought with their human approach the Bible study to nuts and bolts of knowledge of truth, they studiously ignored this passage in which Paul readily outlines understandable for all the way in which God himself keeps ready for us the knowledge of the truth.

As the druid, the wizard, the magician brewes a drink of all sorts of strange ingredients, from which he expects miraculous forces, the Jehovah's Witnesses tinker from fragments of the Bible a thought construction that should be the way into the Kingdom of Jehovah under by-passing Jesus. Out of this (humanly doubtless intelligent) mixture of God's word and human high secondary thoughts of old order arises in the Watch Tower Society a doctrine that as evidence for its unfairness must purposefully ignore Jesus. His saving power, which every man can take according to his words in faith, is reflected in the teaching of the Jehovah's Witnesses only dull in a pure "For-true-holding" of his deliverance. But the power is needed to be taken from him to ensure that the teaching of the Watchtower Society can be regarded as the real rescue at all.

The Watch Tower Society takes from Jesus the power by portraying him as an angel. As an angel Jesus can not save really, but he can only bring into the play a type of performance that is only one among many others. It doesn't suffice to rescue the Jehovah's Witnesses, it must be mixed up with services on own account of the believers to acquire in the system of Watchtower-thoughts actually a saving function. In this context in the Jehovah's Witnesses is left actually only a kind of value rating, which they place in Jesus. And even this value rating of Jesus is reduced to a value rating only of his act of "ransom sacrifice".

While, according to Paul, faith in Jesus saves only, at the Watch Tower Society the pure power of this Jesus is only one component in the rescue system. Jesus as a person does not find at the Jehovah's Witnesses any worship. He must not be worshiped, because he's just an angel.

Not the believing he was only an angel, is the real error, the crafty entrapment in the doctrine of the Watchtower, but the evil trick is the detachment of the complete rescue from Jesus himself. By adding to him more needs, which have to be met by the Jehovah's Witnesses to get into the Kingdom, they violate God's decision that only the faith in Jesus should be enough to be saved.

The once most seriously intended Bible study seduced the bible researcher to be completely relying on their human understanding and to obscure the biblical passages that refer clearly to the fact that human knowledge can never lead to God. So they have no choice left but the worthy reading matters of colorful Watchtower magazines, the tightly organized community under the guidance of a human body and the self-consolation in a businesslike participation in conferences.

In all areas of the life of Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus is not in the midpoint. So one does not perceive at the assemblies of the witnesses his strength. As a replacement the witnesses celebrate in their meetings a curious mixture of strained discipline and a dose of homemade friendliness and openness. That this "joy" and "faith-goodness" is not operated by God, recognizes each Christian who approaches these meetings.

At precisely this self-made platform act the good works of Jehovah's Witnesses. During in the life of believers in Jesus Christ, the fruit (ie, good works), is coming through Jesus himself (let him who boasts boast in the Lord), the deeds of the Jehovah's Witnesses happen on a purely human level. They are like do-it-yourselfers, who handle some tinkering in order to perform the impossible. What the Bible says that it can come only through the use of the personal power of Jesus, that tinker the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves.

When Peter wanted to refuse to get washed the feet by Jesus, Jesus said frankly: "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me." The Jehovah's Witnesses can not let wash their feet by Jesus, for they have no fellowship with Jesus. They can not ask him, nor include him in their lives, they can not be led by him, can not be saved by him. And allow washing the feet they do not, too. Because then they would have to come in tangible touch with Jesus. This contact is taboo in the Watch Tower Society. Because the Jesus, who is directly in connection with the people, has no place in the Watch Tower Society.

Among the Jehovah's Witnesses he never can rank this place, because just in this moment the absurdity of the Watchtower Society would be clear. If they would take Jesus seriously, as he is proclaimed in the Bible, this would be the immediate end of the Watchtower's organization. Then would be clear at once that all the self-acquired intermediary functions of the Watchtower Society are nonsensical and only stolen form Jesus. For there is only one mediator between God and man.

The true intention of the Watchtower followers is the rejection of the saving Jesus and the shift of the rescue on busy human activity doing and making. The daily associatedly hustle and bustle gives a lot of comfort and distraction. This is for the carnal man the better solution. The inconvenient belief in salvation through Jesus does not bring the effect of being able to tinker at any time on the faith-building, but you have to rely on Jesus and also pass through faith-valleys. One has to rely on him.

The being dependent on Jesus can only bear, who has experienced the power of Jesus Christ in faith. But exactly this force is nothing among the Jehovah's Witnesses.


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