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Are some ex-witnesses
Internet Agent of the Watch Tower Society?


The internet is a factor which doesn't correspond really well with the default strategic approach of the Watchtower Society. The newspaper publisher from Brooklyn, who is now for many decades turning by a fully twisted theology human beings away from Jesus and to a surrogate-God, is actually used to exercise constantly as much control as possible on the thinking and behavior of his "magazin-readers". Also particularly the renegades of this religiously active newspaper publisher could so far, before the internet found its way into almost every household, not only be spiritually kept on their most elemental level, but also re-infiltrated at the best. With regular pastoral visits the respective status of the defectors could be detected.

Thus, as a first step, the strong recommendation was given to the foot soldiers to avoid the Internet. They try to consolidate the intellectual ghetto of the Jehovah's Witnesses also in terms of internet. For ...

... since there is the internet, there is a certain scope for apostate Jehovah's Witnesses, which is desperately crying out to need the best possible control by the Watchtower Society. In the internet there is a great need, not to allow apostates the beginning of own experience and own thinking, but also here have to be made all possible steps to keep these clients under the steady influence of the false doctrine. Because if apostates have their own experiences and think for themselves, then the step is not far that they could still find Jesus Christ!

Absolutely remarkable

Almost all people who have once experienced the intellectual stranglehold of this doctrine of Jehovah God in themselves, aren't able later to find the way to Jesus. Although in the Bible clearly is written that we only can be saved in the name of Jesus, the apostates from the Jehovah's Witnesses often prefer satanic influences, than ever trust the Lord, who gives us the life in grace and free.

This fact leads straight to the idea that behind the Watchtower Society works a force that can be only solved through a clear commitment to Jesus Christ. The experience of the people who comment on the Antichrist-Watchtower page or also establish direct contact, show abundantly clearly that trusting in Jesus and the commitment to Him seem not only to be impossible for them, but also generate an internal resistance, which is known by Satanists when they hear the name Jesus or see a man who openly confesses to Jesus Christ.

This remarkable influence of the doctrine of Jehovah on its once fallen victims is almost unknown in public before! The apocalyptic impact of the Watchtower Society is basically recruited from the seduction to a fantasy god called Jehovah. In addition there is an intensely organized control system and a permanent influence of false doctrine on the fallen. How the structures of Jehovah doctrine is only created by the use of human intelligence, the newspaper publisher is decidedly on human control of his foot soldiers and those who believe they have escaped from the hands of that false god. Because one can not rely on Satan. He has too little power and can not even under the code name of Jehovah keep the seduced completely on the wrong line. Therefore, the upper Jehovah's Witnesses must exercise permanent control to the lower ones. This control extends even and especially to those who could manage to find the true Savior, Jesus Christ.

Facts which prove themselves

This penetration by the Watchtower doctrine was earlier almost completely given by the isolation of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Since then, however, there is the Internet, this isolation is no longer given to one hundred percent. Therefore, there are a number of Internet players who say that they were no more Jehovah's Witnesses, and "visit" all the Christian internet forums that deal with the issue of Jehovah's Witnesses. They stand out by using all means and (surreptitious) ways to intersperse theories and phrases of the Watchtower theology, particularly in places where ex-witnesses - just apostates - exchange information with each other.

There is a Gerd, who may have even written a book in order to conceal his true identity. But in his born-and-bred WTS faithful postings can be seen that he is through and through a Jehovah's Witness. There is an anonymous, with the code name "+", the pump all forums full with copyrighted material of the Watchtower Society. There are a lot of "neutral audience" that gives such people permanently support with enthusiasm and praise, an audience that is mutated in the case of criticism of its "Internet advisors" from a dull applause apparatus to a dedicated counterattacker.

Or is it just speculation?

With Gerd and "+" we get to know only two candidates who satisfy the criteria to operate an extravagant marketing for the Watchtower Society. These are only a tiny part of the apparatus, hidden behind the penetration by the Watchtower teaching. The influence of the Jehovah's Witnesses on the Internet appears cleverly organized and well-tuned. The front of those who emphasize again that Jesus was not God, is great.

Parallel Techniques

Supported are the activities that will uphold the Watchtower's doctrine on the Internet, by steps that the Watchtower Society undertakes using, for example, on the legal level by their financial superiority. The legal steps of the Watch Tower Society aime at a general situation which enables on the basis of precedents the set-aside of "hostile" sites. Aside there are also web pages, whose first tme innocuous seeming content on closer inspection represente clearly the Jehovah desert of mind and deceive the reader delightfully that Jesus is counting for nothing.

By another, more obscure method an against the Watchtower Society arguing web page was simply shut down, other times Watchtower critical journalists are covered with processes which end with a lot of wealth and sophistication tricks always in favor of the Watchtower Society. Even obvious misrepresentations of facts of the Watchtower lawyer Armin Pikl do not come to punish, but are simply accepted by our legal system. So how deep is the Watchtower Society in the bottom of this system? To the knees? Up to the nipples? No! Until about six feet above head.


When Jehovah's Witnesses stand out with their thin booklets in the pedestrian area by their vulnerability and naivety, please bear in mind that behind them is a vicious sophisticated apparatus that only uses the harmless appearence of those booklets holder to execute his apocalyptic movement with all its consequences to man.

It is amazing that so many disguised Jehovah's Witnesses use the Internet to campaign for the Jehovah lie. True Christians, however, often make do with the Sunday services and activities in the church during the week. - Please, Lord, send workers into the harvest! Please give us Christians, who go with us to the Internet, to carry tidings of thee, Lord Jesus, and to combat the lies of the Watchtower.

Further study details (german) Gerd and "+"


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