ACTA - Information Control
Typical for the Watchtower Society

Undemocratic forces want to enforce the protection of intellectual property with brute and illegal means. The most important instrument for this will be the arbitrary act without evidence, to which Internet providers should not only be authorized, but forced. Without examining the legal basis and without taking a closer look at the individual case, providers will then have to control their customers and exclude them from the network, depending on the complaints they receive from corporate groups. The ACTA implementing and directive supervisors are called committees. ACTA is undemocratically designed, undemocratically launched and ACTA is ultimately to be enforced undemocratically.

Who is the higher power, who is the God of this theocratic approach, and who are the henchmen who follow and worship this God and prepare his ways in the world? Mammon and Power are the pair of gods who manage to stage a horror scenario à la Orwell. Greed and greed for power are also the gods who rule the Watchtower Society. In the Watchtower Society, the assertion of theocratic power has been successfully tested for a long time.

The coincidence that ACTA, just like the Jehovah truth, is enforced in Jehovah's Witnesses is not really a coincidence. The parallel between the Jehovah's Destructive Human Organization and the Destructive Human Clique of ACTA initiators and supporters is not a coincidence, but an outstretched arm pointing to the world domination-addicted group of powerful people working in the background.

When ACTA is installed in the world, websites like will be quickly shut down. It will not be necessary to clarify the legal situation in advance, but the simple allegation that Watchtower Sitemape is being used illegally will lead to providers simply shutting down the site. The accusation of illegality is then not even investigated, but the distributors of anti-Christian publications then have the unrivalled and sole worldwide documented right to use all information channels of the modern world protected from examiners and critics. WTS's own websites will then be the only ones allowed to report on Jehovah theology at all. The WTS pages will then be protected and powerfully shielded by vicarious agents such as providers and similar social authorities who will be able to disseminate their anti-Christian theology. The monopoly position of those who are endowed with the corresponding power, founded on copyright and highly exaggerated by ACTA, will then be able to inject their mistakes into the world without any significant educational work on the part of others.

ACTA and the means of enforcement associated with ACTA stylize what the world can expect from Antichrist. Humanity is forced to worship a certain God, humanity is forced to think certain thoughts, and everything is based on the mechanism: Whoever does not have the sign on his forehead and right hand will neither be able to buy nor sell.

Revelation 13:15-17 And it was given him to give a spirit to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast even spoke, and caused all who did not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And it causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the servants, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and that no one may buy or sell except he who has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The construction of the assumption of power over the world will stand on exactly these feet, which come along only as regulations of the right. Under the power and mystery of a few background actors, the system will be altered in a certain way that strongly resembles the strategies and techniques of the Watchtower Society. And there will be many who will undertake to stand firm for the truth and for their conscience against this inflection. But the power of the Antichrist will change the world in his sense. Many people will perceive this change as an improvement and through this error they will take guilt upon themselves.

When it is so far that the Watchtower Society through ACTA will have the means to simply shut down pages like without having to take legal action, the age of the Antichrist seems to have begun recognizably. Humans bow under the highest dictate of possession at the expense of truth. People no longer have a chance to uncover injustice and lies on the Internet. People are reduced to being accepted and integrated in 100% adaptation or to being expelled from society because of their own thinking.

Nothing else is already happening in the Watchtower Society, where even the slightest deviation leads to exclusion. If this principle is applied worldwide, no artist, no manufacturer, no worker independent of ACTA and not represented by ACTA will be able to buy or sell. Internet agencies will have to make their dependence on ACTA their own. Copyright as the highest right in our information society will destroy every independent life through ACTA and drive people nationally into the abyss. ACTA is a sign of the work of a deity known as Jehovah through the consistent application of undemocratic practices in the Watchtower Society.

Anonymous - Was ist ACTA? - #StopACTA [german sync]


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