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6000 points for heaven

Part 1

Part 2

Why do our good works can never be enough? Why do the Jehovah's Witnesses and other wild determined undergo a nasty surprise? Why is God so unforgiving? What options are there besides the good works? Has Jesus paid for all? Could He have done this if He was only an angel? What must I do to have eternal life? Who can save us? What is after death? Is there an eternal life? Will we live in an earthly paradise under the leadership of the Watchtower organization? Who is the author of salvation? Can there be some other name but Jesus, where we have to be saved?

Good Works

Good works can never be suitable to fill the already filled account of infinite mercy. Good works have to be the fruit of faith. The faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation not only for good works, but also for the eternal life which God keeps us prepared for. No one can even boast of his good works. All good can only come from Jesus Christ, who is for us the visible and undergoable God.

The Goodness-Meter

When Jehovah's Witnesses get apostates

When Jehovah's Witnesses get rebelled to the faithful and discreet slave, they usually turn entirely away from the Bible. They have received superimposed a one-sided view so that they read the Bible no longer free and can not accept Jesus at the end. They never forget the heterodoxy and "studies" of the Watchtower Society and thus they have to rely on dismissing the Bible as a book of fairy tales. Only a handful of former Jehovah's Witnesses can make it to devote themselves again free from all the false assumptions of the Company of the Watchtower Bible.

Ant in the square - the credibility of the Bible

Explore the Bible again. Do not rely on a publisher who calls himself God's channel and who stuffs his print products with daemons!


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