Watchtower Lies Cleaning up No. 374

Jehovah God Needs Much More Bled To death

Jehovah's Witnesses do not know what they are doing!
And Christians don't want to know about it.

Three teenagers came up to me, drove off on the sign "serial murder by bleeding to death" and a very special situation developed. They noticed something and reacted freely like children. So did I. (By the way: The two-finger sign means: Put two in the back, not just one! Leave the sign out, man!) The thing was super good despite this blemish. One of the three asked me if you could kill one now if you went in that direction. I replied that this was totally true, but it was also true for the other direction. The three went on after some jokes we tore. I checked several times whether they really wanted to appear on the website. They said yes. I called out to them to say goodbye: "Have fun killing!" Wonderful how the three of them laugh at each other.

At the end of the morning, they met me again as I was facing the Jehovah's Witness, who was desperate to call the police and talked about not "stopping" Jehovah's Witnesses from working". They had guns with plastic arrows and suction cups at the front. With that they shot each other and I said: "Jesus says: Become like children, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. What a promise." The scene was a treat and we laughed our asses off. The humor of these young people was a delight. Perfect.

Upon our arrival in the Heilbronn pedestrian zone, I said to Renate: "If the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't here in five minutes, we'll go home." Renate wasn't excited about this announcement and I said: "We have to put a little pressure on the Jehovah's Witnesses!" We laughed heartily. Shortly afterwards I saw the first serial murderers and the film started. In the end it turned out that the initial comedy was surpassed by reality even further than expected. However, not only the humor prevailed, but also the spiritual struggle. This morning was hard.

Many conversations arose. Most of them were very constructive and some even arousing. In the beginning, however, the perfectly represented Satan came into play. He interfered in the conversation between Renate and the two Greek Jehovah's Witnesses and screamed at Renate to confirm the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society. This man's outfit was unpleasantly dirty. After his appearance he came to me and shouted: "Here is the name in black and white! Quite clearly! Jehovah! After that he went on in the perceptible mode of complacency. I called after him: "Jehovah must be Satan because he bleeds people to death." The man reacted with a strange reaction. He bent his head and hands back like one who got a heavy lash on his back. That was gross! He quickly moved away with my further explanations.

The replacement of the Greeks had been standing at a certain distance for some time and waited in hiding to see how everything developed, and renounced the usual exuberant greeting of those to be replaced. The replacement of the Greeks consisted of the denunciation witness of a few weeks ago, who delivered her fellow witnesses to the knife when Renate listened and understood, and a Jehovah's witness who apparently had an even greater rigor than she, the denunciation witness.

With a contemptuous look, the Greek Jehovah's Witness detached herself from the conversation with Renate, while her partner or husband or boyfriend or brother showed a little more polite dignity. After the Watchtower Rollator handover to the glorious Two with the hardcore rigor, the Rollator Watchtower thing rolled over to the middle of the street. From this point the two Jehovah's Witnesses to Rigoros could no longer get a foot on earth. They quickly covered their watchtower treasures with a plastic cover and only emerged after a very sad departure, accompanied by a young, handsome, strong, self-confident Jehovah's Witness, who also immediately began to photograph me. Finally, a man with broad shoulders and real rescuing behavior!

I shouted to him, "Take another picture of me! But not high known, that does not come well. Of course the man stood miles above me and didn't let himself be disturbed in his vertical photography. Super, the guy. Respect! He has what it takes to be a Jehovah's Witness.

Despite Jehovah's Spiderman Witnesses, the Jehovah's Witnesses to the Rigoros were unable to find peace and quiet and did not unwind the protective cover of Paradise. The deployment of these ladies thus turned into a silent fiasco, which the Watchtower Society was to deal with in one of its future stage role-playing games. Topic: How can we prevent simple facts from making the Watchtower truth recognizable as lies? What should we refrain from at all costs? What techniques are available to Jehovah's Witnesses to further enhance their attractiveness so that men can respond optimally by tail control? What effect will it have if the young Watchtower advertisers do not remove the Rollator overcoat in the first place?

These are hot topics for the next dramas on the stages of the Kingdom Halls. Watchtower Society! Work on it if you want to avoid further embarrassment! After all, you are the great Christ to save Jehovah's Witnesses. You as the Great Christ cannot allow young women to permanently embarrass you in the pedestrian zone!

Until then, the poor Jehovah's Witnesses of Heilbronn, by which I also mean the flown in, had to lose face and give an abysmally bad testimony for their bleeding God. Shame on shame. With every step. With every meter. In Heilbronn in the pedestrian zone. But the bottom of the barrel had not yet been reached. To reach it, much more embarrassment was necessary. And Jehovah had his satanic joy at seeing the Jehovah's Witnesses perish in their boundless naivety. For the Jehovah "God" of the Watchtower Society does not act for the Jehovah's Witnesses, but has his bright joy in pulling them through the mud in public. The Stigma Watchtower Rollator alone, by which one can recognize the rolling embarrassment from a great distance, is a means for Jehovah to portray people as foolish believers. Jehovah "God" loves to embarrass his sheep all over the world. And in between he lets some bleed to death by applying a cannibal law that does not exist in the Bible at all.

The next act of the embarrassing annihilation of humans was not long in coming. While Renate and I were talking to a passerby, a few Jehovah's Witnesses built up right near us. I had long been in the mood to go home, but told Renate that they should at least have read the signs. I had ten minutes in mind. But the thing went off like a bomb. The man began to photograph me and continued his embarrassment with the usual police threat. I told him that the police couldn't help him either.

Jehovah's Witness, the great-great-great man, walked up to me resolutely and announced: "We're calling the police now. You're preventing us from doing our job!" Unfortunately, I can't think of a word to describe the shot he had fired between his own eyes with these words. I preached a sermon. Loud, clear, clear. And in the end, all close passers-by and the three Jehovah's Witnesses knew how the Watchtower Society, with a lied cannibalism law, murdered people. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the exclaims: serial murder by bleeding to death and religious serial murder. I shouted very loudly and pleasurably: "This murder work must be prevented!" And the young Russian woman looked shocked, but also very interested to learn more about the Jehovah lies. This was probably the most beautiful second of the Watchtower Lie Exposure today in Heilbronn.

A passer-by shouted to me: "I am a fan of yours!" She had to say that twice because I had interrupted her by my announcements. Everything went well despite the January cold and the Jehovah's Witnesses cold. In the end, Jehovah's Witness was totally disarmed. But that was also related to Renate. I then took her away from the poor man because I wanted to go home, and said that he could track me down at any time if he "entered Jehovah serial murder" on Google. Then he could sue me as often and as long as he wanted, because my data is in the imprint of the page.

The Jehovah's Witness, with whom Renate had recently spoken for two and a half hours, met the uptight beauties of the Watchtower organization and was very friendly to them. He was on the road privately, and his behavior smelled strongly of the desire that afflicts a man in the permanent surplus of women in Jehovah's Witnesses. What this man does not know is that most of these beautiful women are not at all capable of normal sexuality and relationship. They are walking animating ladies of the dark Watchtower religion, but they can do nothing but animate. What should one wish for a man who is lured by these ladies of the Watchtower religion? Have a nice day? Still have a good life? And they won't be warned because the desire for Jehovah dolls is so powerful. Hurrah for the limbic system in the male brain.

In between, the Jehovah's witness who had listened to the man who Renate had listened to, quickly withdrew the Watchtower Rollator. He walked with his partner through the area like a passer-by and tried to give every passer-by a treatise of the Watchtower Society. His appearance was rather shadowy, as if he didn't want to attract attention. The illness of these people is enormous. They don't know that they are working for Satan, and they put themselves to the test to make the straps groan. But they have nothing else. They hope for Jehovah's New World organization. Moreover, they know nothing and let their own grandmother jump over the blade for their conviction.

We need many more people to meet Jehovah's Witnesses on the street. However, there are few Christians who consider friendly confrontation useful. The large Christian majority consists of faithful churchgoers who have stuffed their pockets with the peace, joy and egg cake ideology. For the vast majority of Christians, should I be my brother's keeper? Jehovah's Witnesses are not the brothers of Christians! But they are our brothers in the sense of the Bible. Like Cain, they have fallen into false worship and are hostile to Christianity. This is the yardstick that should make Christians think about whether we should not take more care of those who are led into the error. The division of the religious claims is no help and Christians should lay off their self-protection mechanisms so that they can look beyond their own horizons. Throw away your crutches and go! In front of your noses poor misguided run around and you stand a few meters away and just grin. Can this help?

Christian churches and prosecutors have one thing in common. They are completely stupid about Jehovah's Witnesses and behave like a toddler imitating the engine sound with their mouths until the spit flies. They imagine that they have driven a bit and let their mom wipe their mouths. No wonder that the Watchtower serial murder bleeding machinery could and can murder for decades without anyone reacting. If you have the devil in your cellar, all you have to do is provide good sound insulation and good air extraction. Then he can sit back and relax in his public rocking chair and fold his hands behind his head. The German public prosecutors have the serial-killing Watchtower devil in their cellars and how irresponsibly Christians deal with this problem, you notice when you talk to them about it. Christians then have the typical spotlight view on it. They look like a car.

With all these questions even the question remains to what extent Christian congregations have not also been infiltrated by freemasonry. The FEG churches have a great affinity for Catholicism and forbid young men in the pedestrian zones with the signs "Religion does not save" and "Only Jesus saves". Super-Christian America-controlled mini-villages of the undetachability of salvation openly teach Masonic phrases like those of the rough stone that must be cut. House groups are deliberately infiltrated by Catholic informers. Protestant pastors throw the picture of Anselm Grün, the most blatant false teacher, against the wall for a meaningless calendar saying. And the congregation can be permanently sullied with this slime.

Tough words? No! No! Hard words are: "Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves!" and "It is terrible to fall into the hands of the living God!" Against these words they can do nothing but ignore them with their eyes closed.


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