Watchtower Lies Cleaning up No. 348

Deutsche Bundesbahn favours Watchtower Society

Special rights for Watchtower serial murder advertisers

On Friday, 22 September 2017 at 3:30 a.m. I drove to Düsseldorf and walked around 8:30 a.m. through Düsseldorf Main Station. I hoped to meet Jehovah's Witnesses to enlighten them about what their spiritual mother, the Watchtower Society, is really doing by holding up DIN A sheets. Namely serial murder by religiously justified bleeding to death. There were no recruiters for new death candidates in the station. From the back entrance I went back to the front entrance and after a few minutes I started the tour again.

And lo and behold! There they stood, the Jehovah's Witnesses. Had I overlooked them? That could not be! I stood up with the signs "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and "Internet Search: Jehovah Serial Murder" in front of them and enjoyed the attention of the travelers passing by. Suddenly an eloquent man came up to me and claimed that he was representing the landlord of the Düsseldorf Main Station building. What I was doing here and that I had to leave the building immediately. He threatened me massively with police violence and I asked him if he could identify himself. He said he didn't happen to have his badge with him. He gave his name as Herr Klöcker. The overall picture was coherent and I saw no chance of not following his instructions. The police officers I had spoken at Düsseldorf main station on August 25 had already informed me that the Deutsche Bundesbahn in Düsseldorf was treating the representatives of the Watchtower Society separately. Jehovah's Witnesses, unlike others, are allowed to go through their death row advertisements directly in the station building. This information made Mr. Klöcker's appearance more than plausible. I asked him where I could stand. He said: "On the station forecourt." So I stood there. In between I went to see what the Jehovah's Witnesses were doing, but strangely enough they had disappeared.

From this I concluded that they had lined up for the sermon service this morning in order to allow Mr. Klöcker to send them off. Then they, Jehovah's tacticians, disappeared.

It is obvious that I am interested in whether this Mr Klöcker was really authorized to remove me from the building of Düsseldorf Main Station. I would also like to ask the Deutsche Bundesbahn what exactly the difference is between holding up a watchtower and holding up an A4 sheet of paper. And thirdly, of course, it is very important to me to inform the DB that it is making a similar mistake by favouring the Watchtower Society as the Deutsche Reichsbahn is making by transporting Jews to the concentration camps. The Deutsche Reichsbahn certainly served the Nazi state at that time, but today the Deutsche Bundesbahn favors a serial murder organization without need and without political pressure. At that time the Deutsche Reichsbahn had to act like this. Today, the Deutsche Bundesbahn voluntarily makes a choice that helps kill people in a religious way. It unilaterally supports the advertisers of new death candidates for the Watchtower serial murder. The Deutsche Bundesbahn urgently needs to know what it is doing.

I am, of course, also interested in the question of whether the Deutsche Bundesbahn is entitled to suppress freedom of expression only because it owns and administers the building in question. How much arbitrariness is justified by the Deutsche Bundesbahn's domestic authority? Does Mr Klöcker really exist? Who are the people behind the scenes who are hatching the special rights for the Watchtower Society?

Further questions are: How much influence does the Watchtower Society have on public institutions and large corporations? If the matter with this Mr. Klöcker is correct, it would be confirmed how and on what basis I have been bugged as a Telekom customer for years and why Google is massively suppressing my website with regard to the search term "Jehovah's Witnesses". An inquiry to the Deutsche Bundesbahn cannot be avoided. This is sent as an open letter to the public relations department. And dear Deutsche Bundesbahn, do not fall into the trap of forbidding me to publish your answer.

What does the DB need to know to stop unknowingly supporting the Watchtower serial murder?

Dear Deutsche Bundesbahn! There is no food rule in the Bible that refers to human blood or human flesh. Or have you ever heard of a commandment: "Thou shalt not drink the blood of thy neighbour"? Exclusively the Watchtower religion refers the biblical animal blood regulations to human blood and creates in this way a cannibal law. With the help of this cannibal law she has a handle to kill people in a religiously dressed up way. It even forms special committees to intervene in the event that a bleeding Jehovah's Witness agrees to a blood transfusion, putting psychological pressure on the sick and hospital staff. This organized Watchtower manipulation, as far as is known, always results in the death of the patient in honor of the Watchtower God.

The Watchtower Serial Murder Organization has been killing thousands of people in this way with impunity for many years. Those who offer the Watchtower Society a shielded advertising space in their buildings are complicit in the works of this organization. After the Deutsche Reichsbahn had the worst experiences in the course of the Third Reich, why does the Deutsche Bundesbahn favour an organization today without examining it beforehand? Is there no one at the Deutsche Bundesbahn who takes care of publicly relevant matters?

They need to know that there is not a single cannibal among the Watchtower Society's perpetrators/victims that needs to be regulated. So the motive for the worldwide unique cannibalism law of the Watchtower Murder Org can only be the killing of humans. Mr. Klöcker, your alleged administrator of the Düsseldorf main station building, told me: "This is not up for debate!"Dear German Federal Railways! Please make this question part of your considerations as to whether you want to continue to give special support to the Watchtower-Org. The mere prohibition of freedom of expression in your buildings is an evil reference to the history of the Deutsche Reichsbahn! Please be more attentive and cautious! Do not treat people according to your house authority and not according to your relationships. Determine that no one in your company plays with relationships and drives his personal special manoeuvres. Make sure that the German constitution is also observed in your company. Enable freedom of expression!

What if Mr Klöcker wasn't real?

Dear Deutsche Bundesbahn, please let me know whether this Mr Klöcker is really employed by you. It could also have been a Jehovah's Witness.

The research in your company will certainly not take up much time. I will report here on my website about your reaction.


After the experience, which throws a very bad light on the Deutsche Bundesbahn, I drove to Heinrich-Heine-Allee. There the at least German Federal Railroad-protected advertisers for new death candidates stood calmly in the sun and ignored my held up DIN A4 sheets. Two male youths approached me and questioned me about the slogans on my signs. They did not accept any explanation. One said he was Catholic and tried to justify that the Pope was adorning himself with the highest God title available. The whole thing also turned out to be a tactical maneuver by Jehovah's Witnesses minutes later. They told me they would want to discuss with them now, and went over to the Watchtower Trolleys. There were only just avoided hugs and great joy. There were two Jehovah's Witnesses born into them. (I must avoid the keyword so Google doesn't downgrade the site further. That's why I use the female name.)

In between I had a lunch break and came back after 20 minutes. The Jehovah's Witnesses were gone. So I stood up for a while without the representatives of the false doctrine and the early death by bleeding and held up the signs. It said: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" - "Internet search: Jehovah's serial murder" - "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws" - "To bleed to death".

Soon I made the decision to cross the street with raised signs and then take the subway to Benrath. At that very moment, three Jehovah's Witnesses came up to me and a passer-by was happy and said to me: "But that fits especially well now!" I replied: "I was just about to go home." After I had set myself up again, the Jehovah's Witnesses pulled their "literature" little carts past me and away. I accompanied the ladies of early spiritual and often physical Watchtower death with upheld signs and people were amazed that the deadly dangers of Watchtower doctrine were so publicly exposed.

After a short coffee stop we went on to a public toilet and then back to Heinrich-Heine-Allee. However, Jehovah's Witnesses did not stop there anymore, but moved away. At this point and after one or two farewell photos I packed up my things exhausted and also made my way home.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Düsseldorf must have racked their brains about how they could prevent the Watchtower serial murder from coming to light. The Watchtower Society attaches great importance to making it clear to me that it has the power. One of its demonstrations of power took place at Düsseldorf Central Station. The Watchtower-MURDER-ORG demonstrated to me which people it could engage for itself and with which special rights it had been granted by the Deutsche Bundesbahn. At Heinrich-Heine-Allee, however, the whole thing ran out to her disadvantage and many people could still be warned of the deadly Watchtower lies.

In the next step, I will send an open letter to the public relations department of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. I will follow this letter here. I will also publish the answer here. It is simply exciting how the Deutsche Bundesbahn will express itself on the problem of whether Mr. Klöcker acted with the knowledge of his superiors or not and whether in the future, too, advertising for death should be allowed in German stations. I am curious.

Here you can find the open letter to the Deutsche Bundesbahn as PDF file.
(Sent on 24.09.2017 to

Open letter to Deutsche Bundesbahn extended by one question
(Sent on 25.09.2017 to

Open letter to Deutsche Bundesbahn slightly changed
(Sent on 26.09.2017 to and to Ms Triebs, Head of the Press Office - This version went out with the following mail:

Special rights for the Watchtower-Serienmord-Org in your stations

Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs Triebs,

Some time ago I had described a problem to you by an open letter, which is again attached to this mail, which leaves nothing to be desired in its explosiveness. Unfortunately, I do not receive an answer from you. Are you still researching?

Please let me know when I can expect an answer from you. Of course, if I refuse to communicate, I will take further steps to raise public awareness of the issue of the Watchtower Society's preference in Deutsche Bundesbahn stations. After all, all bleeding victims of the Watchtower religion are murder victims, considering the motivation behind the Watchtower Society's creation of its Cannibal Law. If one day it comes to a judicial finding, the Watchtower Society will be marked as a murder organization worldwide. For without a single cannibal, the Watchtower Cannibal Law can only be justified with the desire to destroy people in a religious manner.

Arrange for those who are responsible for the conduct of the Deutsche Bundesbahn to investigate the matter and to stop the special rights of Serienmord-Org. Please also inform me about how the Deutsche Bundesbahn will deal with this matter in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Rüdiger Hentschel

Open Letter to the Station Portal of the Deutsche Bundesbahn
(Sent on 27.09.2017 to This version went out with the following mail:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

below you will find an inquiry in the form of an open letter to the public relations department of Deutsche Bundesbahn. Unfortunately nobody answers. Can you give me a tip as to who at Deutsche Bundesbahn is in a position to answer my enquiry?

Yours sincerely,

Rüdiger Hentschel

Enclosed: the request

Deutsche Bundesbahn embarrasses itself to the bone

It is unbelievable that the Deutsche Bundesbahn not only prefers to treat the Watchtower Serial Murder Society, but also ignores critical inquiries! How sick are people who do public relations work for the Deutsche Bundesbahn and have nothing better to do than to show the same behaviour as the JW.ORG? Are these people bound by instructions "from above"? At least they could have or should have confirmed receipt of my request.


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