Watchtower Lies Cleaning up No. 149

Bruchsal: No ecumenism, no police - 07.03.2015

Jehovah's Witness Talking to Pastor

Report by Rüdiger

What do I have to do with a pastor? Nothing. What does a pastor have to do with me? Nothing. But he and I have something to do with Jesus. And so today a pastor came with me to the pedestrian zone of Bruchsal to have a look at the performance of Jürgen and me. After yesterday's police ban of my expression of opinion I was deeply unsettled and had difficulties to have any courage at all to express myself publicly. Whenever someone approached me, I thought I was about to be yelled at, and I prayed that the Lord would give me the patience and willingness to be yelled at without resisting me. A situation that came close to such a horror vision was caused by a Christian who criticized me for the fact that my choice of words was really borderline and that I could not advertise for Jesus in this way. First I asked him if he was an ecumenist, which he denied. Then I made him understand that I was primarily concerned with enlightening him about the Watchtower doctrine. The fact that the testimony for Jesus had crept into all actions, I would rather perceive as "coincidence".

In the course of the farewell I was able to give this Christian a few more facts from the satanic false doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses. At that moment he realized that the drastic facts were completely unknown to him. It is nice, however, that a Christian assumed in advance that I was on my way as a missionary in the pedestrian zone. But all this is primarily an attempt to shed light on the lies of Watchtower propaganda.

The Bruchsal audience and Jesus Christ have healed the police wound of yesterday. In Bruchsal, no one was running around playing excitement to activate the police against me. One or two police officers took a look at our signs, but they left us alone. Compared to yesterday's Wiesloch, Bruchsal was the purest oasis of recreation. A haven of peace and kindness. At this point I would like to and must praise the Bruchsalers for their level-headedness and for the fact that they remain calm as inhabitants of one of the cities most wooed by sects and religions. Islam, Scientology and the Jehovah's Witnesses are tearing their legs off to grass down Bruchsal. Thanks be to Jesus Christ, the Bruchsalers remain cool.

And as if this situation were to be confirmed, the Jehovah's Witness leader spoke with the pastor who had come with us to Bruchsal. Not that it was a matter of minutes or quarrels. They talked to each other all the time so that something like hope arose. And the Jehovah's Witness became more and more sympathetic to me. But I know he won't be able to slip out of his bleeding skin. I have no illusions about that.

Jesus never let anyone bleed to death; on the contrary, he broke the Sabbath, the most important religious rule of all, to heal people. Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly the opposite, which leads us to conclude that they are antichristian. They are recognizable by their works. They let people die for religious precepts, although Jesus demands exactly the opposite. In this way, Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate anti-Christian disobedience to Jesus like the Catholic Church, whose priests all let themselves be called father, even though Jesus strictly forbids it. They can be recognized by their works.

Jürgen, who hadn't been there for a long time, promptly had super good conversations again and beamed over all available cheeks. He magically attracts those who need a cool tip about Jesus. Who sent me the Jürgen? That must have been Jesus.

When it comes to fulfillment, resting in a peace that only God can give, Jesus is the only address. He leads us to do what he wants and prevents us from bleeding or beheading people for religious reasons. The yoke of Jesus is gentle and the burden He places on us is light. Today's burden of Jesus was nothing but kerosene for us. We flew without police violence and without ecumenism.

Report by Jürgen

Today was a special day, because this time there were three of us. After yesterday, when Rüdiger was a little discouraged because of the attack on the freedom of speech, today was a blessing for all involved. Rüdiger, Torsten and I had come together to Bruchsal. Torsten, our pastor from the Dieburg community, wanted to be there to experience what was actually happening with our sign campaign. It happened in such a way that Rüdiger and I stood with our signs as always near the Jehovah's Witnesses. Torsten wanted to look at this from a clear perspective. Everything was calm and serene. The only thing that initially caused me some difficulties were the cold fingers holding up the signs. Rüdiger had the same public problems and wanted to buy gloves, but had to find out that the department store was still closed. Yes, it was still a bit early and fresh. Torsten immediately recognized the problem and set off to find some gloves somewhere else. Which he did pretty quickly. So Rüdiger and I could continue our sign campaign without cold pain.

The people smiled, some commented benevolently our action as for example: I think it's good that you are doing this. Others confused me with Jehovah's Witnesses again and thought that I was advertising Jehovah's Witnesses with false sayings. I explained that the message is against the false teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and that I am a Christian and pray to Jesus. One woman, having understood the situation, even apologized to me and wished me the blessing of Jesus. She said that Jesus had set her free too and that Jehovah's Witnesses are never free. How right she is.

I suddenly saw a Jehovah's Witness go over to Torsten, who was now standing right across the street from the pedestrian zone. This conversation lasted at least half an hour. Meanwhile a man came up to me and told me that he was a religious researcher and that he knew a lot about Hinduism. He said that he was Catholic, but that he had freed himself from the Catholic Church because he had questioned many things and therefore also became clear to him. I asked him about Jesus. He explained to me that he did not believe that one would come to God through a person. I said that Jesus is more than just a person, that he is God and that he became human.

I told him that I had been searching for God for a very long time and had tried some things in life, and that I had become more experienced and mature, but that I had always missed something very important. When I prayed to Jesus for the first time, something really happened in my heart that changed my life fundamentally. Jesus opened my heart. The man said to me that he could accept this and could not oppose anything. I think he understood what was important and that Jesus Christ is the key that brings people into a relationship with God.

Torsten later told us that he had talked to the Jehovah's Witness about the blood doctrine and also about the Trinity. He said that the Jehovah's Witnesses, by containing blood, actually refer only to one passage in Acts 15:29, which deals with the Mosaic Law, which requires abstaining from the blood of killed animals. Torsten said that he sees no connection in deriving from this a doctrine involving rejection of blood transfusion. Later, Torsten learned from the conversation that Jehovah's Witnesses consider it very important to use the name Jehovah. But at some point in the conversation, Jehovah's Witness said the opposite, that the name wasn't that important. When Jehovah's Witnesses run out of arguments, they get caught up in contradictions. In illustrating the Holy Spirit, Torsten was able to score with absolutely convincing arguments. Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the Holy Spirit is a power. Torsten simply asked the question, "How do two people communicate with each other? Jehovah's Witness said they were talking to each other. And Torsten skilfully pointed to the personal qualities described in the Bible that the Holy Spirit has. Torsten showed that the Spirit of God is not an impersonal energy. He said that the characteristics of a personality are intelligence, the spirit speaks, teaches and remembers, it has a will, it allocates, it has feeling, it can be grieved, etc. Jehovah's Witness could no longer oppose this.

I think it's wonderful to follow how the truth brings victory.

This special day was a triumph for us all along the line and I thank Jesus for it, who is certainly happy about such actions and we rejoice with him.

... by the way

The subtle teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and several other questionable teachers claim: Man is dead with the death of his body and nothing remains.

This is in line with the scientific view on this side and sounds very reasonable. Christianity is said to have adopted ancient philosophies and therefore developed a false doctrine: the doctrine that man has a soul. The Bible is squeezed out by these reasonable materialists by every trick in the book of art to get enough arguments together that speak against the existence of a soul in man. Only one does not mind!

Jesus Christ!

Jesus speaks several times in a way that distinguishes man from soul. These words still bend Jehovah's materialists quite skilfully. But a word of Jesus Christ they have not yet been able to bend:

John 11:25 Jesus speaks to her: I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me shall live, even if he dies; and he who lives and believes in me shall never die . Do you believe that?

The formulation "whoever lives and believes in me will never die" did not choose Jesus in vain. One wonders why he makes his announcement in so many slightly varying forms. The explanation is: He must cover all realms of meaning. Whoever greases a sandwich and really wants to spread all the corners evenly must vary the angle, pressure, speed and direction of the knife so that the spread is spread all over the bread at the end. The announcements of Jesus are similar. Jesus covers all important facts with his formulations.

The obvious that he addresses here coincides with his statement to the Crucified One, to whom he promises: "Today you will be with me in paradise. Thus Jesus crystal clear torpedoes every determination on a non-existence of a soul and he perfectly torpedoes the assertion that man is no longer present after his physical death.

Christians should take Jesus seriously under all circumstances. Those who do not take the word of Jesus seriously can forget all biblical and unbiblical arguments. Those who do not take Jesus seriously are completely in their own pseudo-Christian imagination and have given up all orientation. Those who disregard the word of Jesus automatically spread false doctrines. He who ignores the word of Jesus denies Jesus before men.


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