Watchtower Lies Cleaning up No. 115

Jehovah's Witnesses Are Advertisers For Murder By Bleeding to death - 29.08.2014

Police prohibit "this form of demonstration"

In front of the Volksbank in Wiesloch stood a Jehovah's Witness and I had the good fortune to be able to softly butter her and the two new Jehovah's Witnesses (a man in a red jacket and the green dressed Last Friday's Woman) to be able to separate the responsibility each individual Jehovah's Witness bears in promoting the Watchtower Society. Every single bleeding death produced by the Watchtower Society is approved, positively sanctioned, confirmed and personally justified by the Watchtower press volunteers. Every Jehovah's Witness bears full responsibility for the religious annihilation of human beings through his voluntary work on the worldwide human bleeding book. Jehovah's Witnesses form hospital liaison committees to ensure the bleeding of Jehovah's Witnesses willing to live. They ensure that blood transfusions are actually rejected, even if the affected Jehovah's Witness wants to live on.

The Hospital Liaison Committees of Jehovah's Witnesses should actually be called Blood Enforcement Committees.

I was able to prove and show them how badly they are being lied to by the Watchtower Society at some prominent corner points of the heresy, and the Jehovah's Witnesses who were added evaded this situation. The Jehovah's Witness who had been there from the beginning did not leave until she felt that the arguments were still effective when I stopped talking to her. The inscriptions on my signs were: "Which Satan forbids contact with Jesus? The Watchtower-Jehova!" and "Who other than Satan lets people bleed to death for a religion?". This Jehovah's Witness must have realized after a few minutes that these signs acted as a warning, and she also gave up advertising for the Watchtower Society. I was to hand over my warning signs to a police officer in the course of the morning. More on this in the following.

In front of the Schlecker ruin two Jehovah's Witnesses built up and I managed with a few clear and accurate words and the upheld signs that they quickly left again. I calculated that they were advertising a human bleeding murder organization and asked them if they were aware of this responsibility. They then walked up the pedestrian zone. After half an hour I returned to the Schlecker ruin and the two Jehovah's Witnesses stood there again, as if they could not tarnish any water. When they saw me, they packed their things and disappeared around the corner. I shouted after them that they were unscrupulous and murderers.

At the third "meeting" with these ladies, a police officer was involved, whom they had told, "I would always "mob them". At first, the police officer passed me with a friendly greeting, even though I was already holding up the signs. But one of Jehovah's Witnesses ran after the police officer and brought him back. He put on a very austere face and presented me with the Jehovah's Witnesses' complaint in a phrase that already reminded me of a court case: "They are accused ..." I should come over there sometime. However, he accepted my wish to handle the matter in public. Of course the people around became attentive and I continued to hold up my signs.

The police officer called to make an immediate decision. In between he asked me if I would come to the police station voluntarily, but I refused, again on the grounds that I felt more comfortable in public. A man who had once attacked me for not standing in the middle of the street because of the cyclists came up to me in rage and tried to rip the signs out of my hand. I screamed several times, "No violence!" which did not cause the police officer to hold the man back. Rather, the two seemed to know each other, because the police officer later talked to this man as if he were an acquaintance, this matter would be decided by the city of Wiesloch.

Despite the honest efforts of this police officer, this man insulted me and threatened me that he would certainly meet me alone one day. Later I handed over my signs to the police officer for the purpose of case evaluation and received an announcement from him that I would soon receive a notification from the city of Wiesloch, by telephone or in writing. I asked him to send this notification to me in writing.

Not mobbing, but enlightenment

If someone is caught stealing and you call after him, "Stop the thief! Advertising for an organization that, out of a misinterpretation of the Bible, leads people all over the world to bleeding to death and even uses committees to guarantee bleeding safely, was the factor that persuaded Jehovah's Witnesses to withdraw immediately from the Schlecker ruins on my second arrival. But insight was by no means the driving factor, but merely tactical calculation. I shouted after them that they were unscrupulous and murder advertisers.

People in the pedestrian zone don't realize the danger posed by Jehovah's Witnesses. The works of Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed dead people! And before they bleed to death, if they refuse blood transfusions, they are internally gutted and turned into lifeless puppets of the Watchtower Society. The public doesn't care that this fact must be brought to the attention of every Jehovah's Witness and every passer-by. People usually walk alone through the pedestrian zone. He feels no responsibility when he passes Jehovah's Witnesses. This social distance is exploited by the Watchtower organization, which kills pious people both physically and spiritually through its religious doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses stand there as pious, dear people, but answer for and represent a God who lets people bleed to death for himself.

You will know them by their works!

If one weighs up exactly how true my exclamation is, which I called after the Jehovah's Witnesses (they are unscrupulous - murderers!), and compares it with the deadly Watchtower doctrine, which Jehovah's Witnesses piously impose on people almost every day with a smile, it is not obvious to forbid the critic of the Watchtower Society further access to the Wiesloch pedestrian zone. Confronting Jehovah's Witnesses with the real facts is not a questioning. A ban that prevents Jehovah's Witnesses from confronting the truth only confirms the fact that state authorities around the world simply allow the murder-machine Watchtower Society to exist. Even courts protect the bleeding murder-loving organization and sometimes decide for the death of a juvenile. Both the state and the judiciary do not bother to examine the wrong interpretation of the Bible and send people to death by bleeding out of laziness and disinformation. So the responsibility for this lies not only with those who advertise the Watchtower Society as an organization for the murder of bleeding, but also with those who prevent enlightenment because they want to be left alone.

Raising signs in a pedestrian zone is not a demonstration. Everyone has the right to hold up signs in a pedestrian zone. Raising signs in the pedestrian zone is not subject to authorisation.

It is logical that a confrontation between the representatives of the anti-Christian human annihilation religion and their critic does not always take place silently. But how can we evaluate the assertion Jehovah's Witnesses made about me to the police officer? The assertion that I would "always mob them" is just as false as the bold Jehovah's Witness's assertion in Bruchsal telling the police on the phone that I would "harass all people". The then police patrol arriving in Bruchsal was visibly relieved when she saw that I was only holding up signs and trying to talk to Jehovas witnesses. The police, of course, must take people seriously. But the police must then also appreciate the true circumstances and not, in the face of other facts, maintain the Jehovah's Witnesses' assertion as permanent truth.

How will Wiesloch City Council handle this?

It is quite understandable that Jehovah's Witnesses are not so accurate with their statements to the police. They have also taken quite a long distance from reality for the rest of their lives. So you can't blame them if they make false statements by exaggerating and by misjudging their own perception. But how should a police officer deal with it? Does it make sense to immediately treat the Jehovah's Witness critic as a perpetrator by taking him out of circulation and believing the false charge outright? How sensible is it that police officers are not informed about the damage caused by the Watchtower doctrine? How useful is it to design the meeting place pedestrian zone according to the wishes of Jehovah's Witnesses?

The infiltration of the population by the Watchtower Society is progressing. This begins with critics being intercepted and critics' websites almost not appearing in search engines, which for two years also applied to this website and is still the case with the search engine This goes so far that Jehovah is mistakenly accepted as the name of God, so far that the Watchtower Society is established as a religion, but also so far that many people are biased against critics of the Watchtower doctrine.

The organized infiltration by the World Watchtower Brotherhood produces Police appearances like the one in Speyer when a Jehovah's Witness had to make a very long phone call to get the "right" official on the line. The infiltration of the population causes police or witness-jehovas-spies to drag the Watchtower critic through the pedestrian zone with physical force, and now the question arises whether I may still appear as a critic of the Watchtower doctrine in Wiesloch in the future.

If such a ban actually occurs, all people whose lives were destroyed by the Watchtower Society because a critic of the Jehovah's Witnesses was forbidden to make a warning appearance in Wiesloch may thank the Wiesloch City Council. Of course I will publish the decision of the Wiesloch city administration here.

The Blood False Doctrine of the Watchtower Society

The deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible regarding blood transfusion is quickly explained. It is not a big thing to have studied theology for. The deadly mistake is almost banal, it is so easy to recognize.

The blood had to be poured out on the ground to give it back to God symbolically as life when a life had been taken. For example, a man who slaughtered a chicken gave life back to God with the blood he had poured out. In a blood transfusion, however, no life is taken at all, so that the blood rule does not apply here.

This small but life-saving information is deliberately concealed by the pious Watchtower newspaper publisher in order to allow the seduced people to bleed to death on the basis of religious argumentation. Murder by letting people bleed to death is in fact the offence to which the Watchtower Society is guilty, even if the killer is "only" a deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible. The Watchtower Organization is therefore a bleeding MURDER ORGANization that is morally, ethically, and legally accountable for its actions.

We owe this fact-finding to Who1ts2Live4Ever2.


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